doniraj radost


Egg donation is one of the kindest, most humane gifts and contributes to the happiness of many women and couples when conventional IVF is not enough. In recent years, the number of young women who decide to become donors and contribute to the happiness of other women in having their own child has increased significantly.

Supported by the Greek legislation, which ensures the anonymity of this invaluable action and by the well-trained scientific staff, donors can feel safe and enjoy extensive care each step of the process.

What are the selection criteria for an egg donor?

A woman who wants to become an egg donor must meet the following conditions and criteria:

Age between 18 and30
Normal body weight (BMI <25)
• Be physically and mentally healthy.
• Undergo all necessary medical examinations, such as haematological and urological tests for all infectious diseases (hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis, etc.) and gynaecological exams (Pap test, vaginal cultures).
• Have previously signed all relevant legal consent forms for this procedure.
• Have successfully completed a psychological test.

The steps of egg donation:

Information: The candidate donor is informed in detail about the egg donation programme, the procedure and the legal framework in order to decide whether she can consistently meet the requirements of this programme.
Family history:
The candidate donor is asked to answer a specific questionnaire on her immediate family and wider family.
Medical assessment:
The candidate donor undergoes a series of blood and genetic tests to provide information on her health and reproductive status.
Psychological assessment:
The candidate donor undergoes mental health testing by a certified psychologist.
Consent forms:
According to Greek law, prior to the procedure, the donor must sign informed consent forms to certify her desire to proceed, her complete understanding of the upcoming procedures and acknowledgement of the anonymity of the process.
The process:
If a candidate is approved as a suitable donor, ovarian stimulation treatment is started (approximately for 10-12 days) to develop the follicles. Once big enough (up to 18 mm), the oocytes will be harvested. Oocytes pick up is done under mild sedation. This process is painless and takes about 10 minutes. The donor will be able continue her normal daily activities after the procedure.

Attention: The process of egg donation is a relatively short and safe procedure, and does not affect the donors’ fertility!